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At Waits Hearing Aid Center we understand how important hearing is to your quality of life. We provide convenient, comprehensive treatment in a warm and friendly atmosphere. As a top quality hearing care provider, we are happy to offer a wide variety of hearing devices from the industry's leading manufacturers. Founded in 1989, Dr. Andrew Waits was the first audiologist in Fayette County. His desire in opening the practice wasn't to sell products, but to provide solutions to hearing impairment for our entire community.

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Untreated hearing loss impacts more than your ability to communicate effectively. It can also lead to stress and anxiety, depression, fatigue, and social isolation. Don’t allow hearing loss to pull you away from a full, rewarding life. Let us help you to reconnect. Schedule an appointment today.

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We provide health fair assessments and presentations for civic clubs and other organizations. Call (770) 282-5025 to learn how to how Waits Hearing Aid Center can help feature hearing health at your next event.

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Finding solutions tailored to your individual needs is what you can expect with the professionals at Waits Hearing Aid Center. Your general well-being depends on your ability to hear and differentiate sounds. When you visit our office you can expect customized solutions based on a thorough assessment of your needs and a focus on which option works for your ears and lifestyle.

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New research is always being reported and could benefit your specific hearing situation. We also host events that promote and encourage hearing health.

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