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I highly recommend Dr. Waits.

I saw Dr. Waits as a result of my Tinnitus (ringing in my ears) and a hearing loss. He was very kind and willing to investigate the best treatment for my Tinnitus. For me, Dr. Waits was a perfect fit and great to answer all my questions as well as very patient with me. He spent so much time working with me to get the right hearing aids and program them to work optimally for me. I am hearing things that I had not realized I no longer heard. I highly recommend Dr. Waits to anyone seeking any kind of help with a hearing loss or Tinnitus. I love hearing my granddaughter whisper, “I love you Grammie.”
Faith Smith
Peachtree City, GA

I did not know what I was missing!

Did not know what I was missing. I walked outside and heard the birds chirping and realized I have a chance in life.
Ray Williams
Peachtree City, GA

I was so impressed with the new technology.

My name is Clarence Moon and I’ve lived in the Fayetteville area since I retired 16 years ago. I first saw Dr. Waits in 2004 to get an audio exam and talk about new hearing aids. Dr. Waits was very friendly and professional, as was his staff. I bought the hearing aids he recommended and they served me well. Hearing aid technology changed over the years and I was invited down for a demonstration of a new hearing aid. I was so impressed with the improvements I bought a pair. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Waits to my friends.

They try in every way to help you hear better.

Everyone in this office is so nice. Dr. Waits is extra nice trying in every way to help you to hear better.
Wilma Slagle
Fayetteville, GA

They changed my life!

Waits Hearing Aid Center changed my life, they took the time to evaluate my hearing loss and help me choose the right hearing aids for me. Now I can hear the simple pleasures in life.
Carolyn West
Peachtree City, GA